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Buena Memoria

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Libro Buena Memoria de Guido Indij

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Sinopsis del libro

The photographs of Argentina in Buena Memoria present the opposite of the book’s cheery title: they require us to turn our eyes to a painful moment in history, a time of repression, disappearance and resistance. The exhibition from which this book springs is perhaps the most popular ever by an Argentinian artist. Over the last decade it has traveled to more than 100 museums, galleries, universities, schools and cultural spaces in 20 countries. The original edition of this book, which was recently included in the second volume of Photobook, Martin Parr’s history of photography through its most influential titles, has been published in Spanish, English, Italian and German. In the words of the author, his project is disseminating information, “telling young people a story of violence and absence through emotion, so that they experience it firsthand and can act to prevent it being repeated when the moment comes to do so.”

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