I Love You

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Libro I Love You de Santiago Melazzini

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A flip book, folioscope, thumbfilm, cine de dedo–call it whatever you wish. It’s miniature, black and white, fits in the palm of your hand, and reads charmingly both from front to back and back to front. Whether you choose to watch those famous three words become animated (I Love You), a lovely brunette dance sans underwear (Oops!), a tribute to a famous photographer (Hommage to Michals and Hommage to Mapplethorpe) or a musician’s surreal dream of a dancing couple (Tango Dancers), is up to your own flippery. More Flip Books Available!Argentine MateISBN 950-889-046-0 U.S. $5.99 NR 50EnjoyISBN 950-889-045-2 U.S. $5.99 NR 50RevolutionISBN 950-889-048-7TangoISBN 950-889-049-5

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