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Libro Intercity (LIBROS DE AUTOR) de Gabriele Basilico

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This is a stunning collection of images from one of the world’s most critically acclaimed architectural and urban photographers. Gabriele Basilico has been taking photographs of architecture or, more specifically, the urban landscape, for over 30 years. Having studied architecture, he feels a special attraction towards the outskirts and the so-called “border zones” of urban environments. In both his personal projects and those he takes on as assignments, his research has focused on the continual transformation of the image of the city. This unstoppable phenomenon of urbanization, often without planning, that the cities undergo and which leaves them deprived of form and configuration, and as a result, of any sign of identity, is captured brilliantly and his photographs. Intercity proposes a synthesis of the work that Gabriele Basilico has been developing during the last 7 years, putting special emphasis on the series dedicated to the city of Moscow.

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